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This page is supposed to be about me, and I looove to talk about myself (don't even get me started on music or rear wheel drive cars or the current state of internet application development) - but your wedding photographs aren't about me, they're about you, and your story. This story deserves to be told with vivid, moving images. Every time you look through your proofs, the emotions you felt then should ooze off the pages and tickle your memories. These images should also remind you of what a great decision it was to hire Tony as your wedding photographer. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Alright, this is going to devolve into stuff about me anyway, so let me start with a story. One evening, making rounds around the house at bedtime, I found my daughter heaped on her bed, crying. Alex was seven at the time, and had already staked out the tough, independent side of her personality so I wasn't quite sure what to make of this quiet whimpering. I sat down and asked the obvious question. She said softly, "Dad, I don't know what I want to be when I grow up." Dumbfounded, as no inkling of this familiar burden had ever manifested in her before, I replied, "Alex, I still don't know what *I* want to be when I grow up." And, well, it's still true I guess. I started out as a musician, playing piano, gravitating towards synthesizers and samplers. Much of my college years involved clubbing until late, then working in the studio until later. I tried painting for a while, but I think I was ahead of my time - the world just wasn't ready for my sharpie-outlined, metallic paper cutouts. After school, I ended up working in video post-production and sound engineering, then a career in computers connected by a series of tubes. I even raced cars for a little while. Not hard-core wheel-to-wheel racing mind you, just weekend autocross.

Only after my daughter started dancing competitively in the early 2000s, did I take any interest in photography - I needed something to do instead of just watching (competitions can last for days). I found that I was pretty good at it. For me it's about timing and seeing things unfold before you. It's like a hunt. I love to shoot dancing and automotive events. I love shooting people. I love shooting action and dramatic events in interesting surroundings. After my first wedding (one of my daughter's dance instructors), I found that shooting that story taking place was challenging and satisfying. I found that I enjoy weddings as much or more than anything else I could shoot. The wedding couple are the stars of a major production and surrounding them is everything I could want to make great images: emotional drama, elaborate costumes, beautiful settings, even action and excitement.

So see, we're back to you again (briefly!) and that story that needs to be told. But just so you don't forget about me - here's a few things you might like to know: I like shapes, emotions and things that move. I wish we wore hats like they did in the 60's. I probably like rap music too much for my own good (and age). I love the sound of my wife laughing (I mean really laughing - there's snorting involved). I love Danger Mouse, Tom and Jerry and anything from Pixar. My favorite flavors are purple and orange. I drive fast and play my stereo loud. I love science-fiction movies and thankfully for own my marriage, have a soft spot for romantic comedies.

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